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Japan is a unique and intriguing destination, a place of rich, timeless culture and age-old tradition fused with a modernity that’s fast-paced and vibrant. This enchanting archipelago has so much to explore. A country for all seasons, so you can base your decision on the time of year that suits you and your interests best...


From March to May, Spring is a time of optimism and new beginning. As the weather starts to warm up (although there is still snow in Hokkaido), the locals get outside to enjoy the beauty of nature reawakening. This is the most popular time to visit due to the Sakura cherry blossoms. Celebrate the hazy pink blooms plus temples and gardens have curated collections of blooms. There are plenty of seasonal treats to enjoy, like Sakura-flavoured drinks and foods.


The summer months, June to August, bring fireworks, centuries-old festivals and revelry. Hot and humid with a rainy season, called ‘Tsuyu’, from June to mid-July, the crowds of the spring disperse. Stumble across a fascinating regional festival or custom, and in August there are colourful parades for Obon, the festival to honour the dead. July brings the clear skies that allow Mount Fuji to open to climbers and is the perfect time to tour traditional gardens and explore the countryside.


Rivalling Spring for the greatest show of natural beauty is Autumn, from September, when temperatures start to cool, but stay warm and sunny right into November. This is a time to be outside, especially in late October when leaves change into a spectacular sea of red, yellows and browns, particularly breathtaking in the Japanese Alps. Expect harvest menus full of fresh produce and tasty treats like chestnuts, pumpkin soup and sweet persimmons.


For those who don’t mind enduring the cold for something truly magical, winter is a fantastic time to explore Japan. The days are usually sunny, the popular sights are quiet, and the countryside is given a dazzling makeover thanks to the annual snowfall. Tuck into comfort foods like hot pots, broths, and ramen before heading straight for a soak in a snow-surrounded onsen. In the Japanese Alps, a troop of snow monkeys also enjoy a soak in their very own hot springs and witnessing them is an endearing experience.

At Buddhist temples, the new year is traditionally rung in by a bell tolling, representing the cleansing of worldly passions.

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Japan Uncovered

One of Wendy Wu's most extensive Japan tours includes all the classic sights and key cultural activities. Featuring modern cities, historical sights and beautiful landscapes, Japan Uncovered ensures you get the most out of your trip to this fascinating land.

Osaka - Nara - Kyoto - Hiroshima - Kanazawa - Snow Monkeys - Tokyo

15 days fully inclusive touring from £7,190pp / 17 days from £8,485pp

Jewels of Japan

Be captivated by the unique culture of Japan as you discover lively Tokyo, beautiful Mount Fuji and historic Kyoto. A visit to Hiroshima’s Peace Memorial Park and the holy island of Miyajima complete this fascinating tour.

Tokyo – Mount Fuji – Kyoto – Hiroshima – Osaka

11 days fully inclusive touring from £5,590pp

Japan by Rail

Comfortable, efficient, punctual and fast, Japan’s extensive rail network is world-renowned. On the famous bullet train Shinkansen, passengers can travel up to 320 km per hour between major cities. Travelling mostly by Shinkansen, this rail tour traverses three of Japan’s islands – Kyushu, Honshu and Hokkaido, and some of their many glorious highlights. Explore Nagasaki, see the bright lights of Osaka, soak up the timeless charms of Nara and Kyoto, discover rural Japan and gaze on Mt Fuji before revelling in Tokyo and cooler climes of Sapporo.

21 days from £9,490pp

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