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Please make an appointment before coming to see us

After a rollercoaster couple of years, it has been delightful to be able to concentrate on what we love to do best: book memorable trips and adventures for our clients.

The lifting of several restrictions and changes to the testing requirements has seen a return of confidence and many people, understandably, are keen to get holidays booked and catch up on much missed travel experiences.

The pandemic took a particularly heavy toll on travel and many good staff, including some of our own, had to make tough decisions to leave the industry.

We, like many, are trying to recruit and we are delighted to welcome Natalie Fox to the Abbotts Team.

Finding people with the right calibre and experience is crucial. Whilst we continue to recruit more staff, we would ask for your patience and for you to please make an appointment before coming to the shop.

It is wonderful to be so busy, and our team are working extraordinary hours, but we are human and to be able to provide the service that we pride ourselves on and not to disappoint, it has become essential that we ask our clients to book an appointment.

From 1 March, we cannot guarantee being able to give time to anyone who comes into the shop without an appointment.

Please contact any of the team to make an appointment or use the request an appointment form on our website.

Thank you for your cooperation at this time.

Julian, Sharron & Julie.


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