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Portugal: Solar de Vila Meã.

Sharron visited Solar de Vila Meã in June for a weekend wedding flying to Porto.

Discover the charms of this boutique hotel Solar de Vila Meã and the historical curiosities of the region. Let yourself be carried away by the natural trails, the authenticity of the people and the uniqueness of their crafts. Try local crafts and cuisine and familiarize yourself with the sophisticated nuances of the region's Vinho Verde.

A landscape as far as the eye can see

Let yourself get lost in the view of fields shaped by trees, punctuated by scattered buildings and colourful slopes towards the horizon. Refine your senses with the best of the vineyards and relax in the stillness of the countryside, interspersed with the noise of agricultural work and the chirping of birds in their hustle and bustle. Immerse yourself in the hustle and bustle of Minho, close to and far from everything.

A charming hotel, event space, orchard and winery. The property was acquired at the end of the century by José de Abreu Novais (1855-1913), who had the house rebuilt and expanded, transforming it into the Solar de Vila Meã. His wife carried the work out, after his death, with the couple’s four children, who together gave life to the Quinta and Solar de Vila Meã. The cultivation of orchards and vineyards prospered on the farm. In 2012, José Joaquim Gonçalves, current owner, began its remodelling and restoration.

Solar de Vila Meã has a privileged location in the Municipality of Barcelos. Besides being approximately 30 minutes from the cities of Porto, Braga and Guimarães, it is a short distance from the mountains and the beach.

"This hotel is a hidden gem, rooms are luxurious and comfortable. It's the perfect setting and was spectacular for the wedding. It's typically Portuguese in decor, with a focus on food and drink. This area is great to combine with exploring Porto, you could hire a car and drive south." Sharron Roat

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