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Staff blog: Fishing through the Wye Valley

This year has been full of disappointment for many, including myself and with the introduction of tighter restrictions it might continue for a while to come. But luckily, I did manage to make my annual fishing trip to the Wye Valley before lockdown 2.0 began.

Straddling the border between England and Wales, this is most certainly my favourite part of England. The scenery is spectacular throughout the year but during the autumn months it is absolutely sensational.

The river is always unpredictable, as is the fishing, but generally October guarantees an excellent return on the much sought after barbel and this year was no exception. We took my friend’s son with us for the first time and you can tell by the photo that the joy of catching your first ever barbel is very special.

For those of you who don’t get excited about fishing, the river offers several exceptional alternatives including canoeing, kayaking and paddle boarding.

We always stay at a place called Flanesford Priory in Goodrich which is located on the river and within easy reach of the Forest of Dean. Here you can jump on a mountain bike or join one of the numerous walking trails.

There are a number of beautiful areas within easy access of the Wye, including the Brecon Beacons and the Cotswolds.

The peace and tranquillity along with the fishing always manages to succeed in recharging my batteries and restoring my mojo, which is even more important than ever considering the awful year we have all had to contend with.

The added bonus is that we do not allow the use of phones (with the exception of taking photos and checking on family) or social media on this trip and we agreed to avoid all news coverage.

One thing I came to realise this time around is that when the time comes to down tools I will most certainly be looking to spend my retirement there.

If you would like to know more about the area and what’s available, please do get in touch.



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