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Staff Blog: Sir David Attenborough’s influence, Talya Abbott

Growing up I have always felt a close connection to the natural world and been fascinated by its many wonders, especially those from tropical regions that we aren’t exposed to here in the UK.

Sir David Attenborough has played a hugely influential role in sparking and maintaining my interest and I have long been a super fan. As I am sure others would agree, there is something very special about Sir David’s character and narrative style that is so endearing and calming.

With the multiple lockdowns, like many, I have had a bit more time on my hands, being cooped up at home, and one of my favourite escapisms has been to fall back in love with his documentaries.

His extraordinary Netflix documentary series A Life On Our Planet has been my most recent watch and it provides animal lovers like myself with an extensive bucket list to excitedly try to tick off during my lifetime.

This series has undoubtedly inspired my future safari travels, adding Serengeti National Park in Tanzania to the list, along with Namibia, to see the desert-adapted lions, elephants and rhinos.

Going from one climatic extreme to another, I would love to visit South Georgia, the world's most important penguin and seabird breeding area, and Svalbard in the hope of sighting polar bears and seals.

For scuba diving enthusiasts like myself, Cape Kri in Indonesia holds the world record for the site with the largest number of species spotted in a single dive. Now that would certainly be another unforgettable experience!

Sir David’s tenacity in raising awareness of the importance of issues, such as sustainability and the protection of our natural world, is another reason why I hold him in such high esteem.

The final episode shows the incredible regeneration of wildlife in Chernobyl, a city left as a ghost town after the nuclear accident.

It offers a glimmer of hope in illustrating just how resilient nature is and how quickly it can be revived, so long as we provide it with the space and conditions to do so.

Respecting the planet and all its inhabitants is one of the most important things to remember whilst travelling, so that we can all appreciate what the world has to offer.


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