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Client Blog: Arctic Star Hotel, Karesuando, Sweden

Huskies in Karesuando, Sweden

Nick and Lydia are regular clients who, in addition to enjoying their holidays, have also written about their adventures in the past. This time they wanted ice and a slice of something very special…

"We stayed at the Arctic Star for 4 nights in December 2015 and had the best holiday. Star is the right word, because straight off the plane you get star treatment.

We were kitted out with boots and snowsuits, and you need them: it was -23 degrees when we arrived.

Then on to the hotel where the cold weather’s balanced by a very warm welcome. The room has already been allocated to you, so no standing around and waiting.

After settling in, you have a greeting, very well organised schedule, planned to perfection to let you know exactly where and when you do your booked activities.

The hotel is beautifully located overlooking frozen lakes. It’s 15 minutes walk from Finland, the rooms are clean and tidy, lovely and warm to come back to when you have been out all day. The food is very good, from the breakfast to the lunch and dinner, and the service is fantastic from the very lovely people who serve you with a smile every day.

Activities consist of snowshoe walking, northern lights trek, snowmobile northern lights, reindeer ride, igloo overnight, frozen river fishing and husky sledging. We did as much as we could fit in, starting with a night in an igloo, not for the faint-hearted. Next was the snowshoe walk in the wilderness, beautiful walk across the frozen lakes in to the snow covered woods watching the sun rise and set within minutes of each other, simply perfect.

The snowmobile ride into the woods in the dark to see the Northern Lights was a big kid’s trip, what fun. The next day we had some free time to look around, walking from the hotel down to the frozen river that divides Sweden and Finland. Beautiful scenery, and you can walk across the frozen river because the ice is a metre deep.

Then on to the reindeer camp where you are taken across the wilderness in a sledge pulled by a lovely reindeer in pairs, plenty of photo opportunities, so relaxing, then into the tent for a hot drink of the local Glogi, where you sit around a fire and learn all about the reindeer while toasting marshmallows.

Ice fishing combined with a snowmobile ride along the river, you have to drill a hole in the frozen river with a hand drill one metre down to fish and you get another go on the snowmobile again, what fun.

On our last day was the Husky ride, pulled by 12 huskies for 45 minutes along a frozen river and lake into the wilderness with the beautiful sound of the huskies howling, and what fantastic photo opportunities, the huskies (pictured) were so friendly. This was a truly memorable holiday all round.

Thank you for booking it for us."

Nick & Lydia

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