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Permanent Vacation: When Tourists Become Tenants

The beautiful Botanic Garden in St. Vincent

We've all had that thought during a great holiday: "I could live here."

It's one that few of us would act on.

Shifting from tourist to tenant takes a huge leap of faith, as Ross Campbell knows…

'The move to St. Vincent and the Grenadines began as a winter holiday. This place can stun, and so after just a week making the trip a little more permanent seemed like a wonderful idea.

Since that time the islands have been a magnificent place to live, and making the move permanent was one of the best decisions ever.

There is much to love: the water is the bluest of blues and this area has so much natural beauty that it’s impossible to take it all in.

I am not the first to make the move - there are quite a few, expats living in the islands. Thankfully, so far, that has not meant an excessive amount of development.

Things are peaceful here and for the most part, everything is still in its natural space. The climate is tropical and tends to stay the same year-round. You can use U.S. paper money or the East Caribbean Dollar for purchases and payments.

Medical facilities exist, but ensure you have good travel health insurance that allows flight to a larger, more developed nation. The medical facilities in the islands are adequate for minor injuries and minor illnesses but for major health problems, seeking medical care outside the islands may be best.

You can buy property as an expat by obtaining a license from the government. The process is simple and takes about three months. You may enjoy the hotels or resorts, but long-term stays can be expensive, start talking to estate agents early.

When it comes to the cost of living, things are pitched at about the same as the United States for housing. Food can be a little more expensive because many items are imported. If you don’t demand expensive foods and other items and will be happy living in smaller and simple accommodations, you can live comfortably on a budget of $1200 monthly.

Plan well and you can prosper here, enjoying a simpler way of life in a tropical paradise.'

Ross is driven by wanderlust and has always loved to travel and find new adventures. He spends much of his time working abroad with his company A-1 Auto Transport.

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